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Wow! Slightly more than a year and a half ago and nearly 100,000 plays from all over the world, from multiple websites, touching nearly every country in the world, I started a small radio show with the hopes of bringing some of the dustiest and long forgotten funk, soul, and disco back onto the wheels of steel while making it sound more current for today’s listeners. Unlike traditional radio, I decided not to talk and just mix for two hours weekly, as much as possible. I wanted people to hear music, not crappy opinions or banter. As a matter of fact, after the first few episodes of the show, I even dropped the whole act and premise of The Adventures of Commander Cool Hand just to focus on the tunes.

It paid off. During this journey of 50 episodes I have played over 100 hours of music and only playing the same track twice on two separate episodes. This is huge for me and for radio itself. You can’t turn on a terrestrial radio station without hearing the same tracks over and over during a two hour period. DJs aren’t really discovering music anymore. They’re being told what to play instead of being taste makers. And as a matter of fact what I’m bringing to the internet frame relaying to a local Charleston internet station, is growing in popularity throughout the world with the exception of the United States. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many great artists, re-editors, people who are now friends, and people who will be on upcoming episodes, sharing the same love of crate digging that I have.

The biggest thanks goes to everyone who has listened and who will continue to listen to the show. Your consistent thumbs up, hearts, retweets, favorites, tumblr posts, emails, comments, and plays, let me know that it’s really and truly okay not to go the Top 40 route or jump on the latest fad or musical trend. Thank you again for listening and sticking by the show. One thing that I’ve learned over the years of digging is that the more you keep digging, the more the world of music keeps getting larger and larger. Stay tuned for the next episode…

Peace and love from the stars above.



Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 50 – The Big 5-0
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 08-13-15
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Jason D.



  1. Alien Disco Sugar – How G
  2. Zapp – So Ruff, So Tuff (Dr. Packer Rework)
  3. George Clinton – Atomic Dog
  4. Zapp – More Bounce
  5. Midnight Star – Operator
  6. The Emoticons – The Best of My Love (V Loves to Do It Edit)
  7. Positive K – Carhoppers
  8. Boogie Down Edits – The Cats Away
  9. Vicky “D” – This Beat Is Mine
  10. Klassique – Somebody’s Loving You
  11. Parisien Editeur – My Strings
  12. De La Soul – Me, Myself, & I (Copycat Re-Take)
  13. Kinky Boots – Jack Herb
  14. Kolombo – Throw Your Hands (Original Mix)
  15. Green Velvet – Millie Vanillie (Original Mix)
  16. 80’s Child – Bangkok Nights
  17. Fingerman – Strobin’
  18. Shit Hot Soundsystem – Kevin Spacey
  19. The Dazz Band – Swoop (I’m Yours) (Cool Hand EXperience)
  20. Boogie Down Edits – Inside Out
  21. Charge – Bear’s Holiday (V Slap It Edit)
  22. Princess – Oh, Lover (V Papa Edit)
  23. Halls & Rooms – I Can’t Go For That (V No No No Edit)
  24. Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix)


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