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In this episode of the Adventures of Commander Cool Hand. I take a different sort of approach to this week’s set. Usually, I have a set kind of pre-planned. I wouldn’t say totally planned out. I usually just pick tracks that I’ve been feeling for the last several weeks and throw them together for a set. Most of the time, this works out pretty well. (At least I think it has.) However, in this episode, I decided to take an unopened box of vinyl that was used during my move to my new home. I kind of had an idea of what was in there but I really didn’t know the order or really all the actual pieces of vinyl that were in the box. If I continued to go this route, I could probably do about 20 to 25 shows just from the shear amounts of vinyl that were in that box. (In all honesty, I am sure I could do over 400 shows of straight vinyl and never play the same track twice.) Overall, I feel this was a pretty decent episode. Wasn’t my favorite because I just kind of went with the flow and grabbed some pretty questionable pieces and put them into the set. There’s some good obscure tracks in there so I hope you all dig it.

In other news, Kulture Klash 8 is coming up this weekend and I’m really excited that I’ll be dropping a set for it. I don’t know how long I will have to play but I am getting to share the stage with my good friends and some great artists. I’m sure I will be tweeting posts and pictures so make sure you are following me for the play by play of that.




Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 41 – What’s In The Box?
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 04-16-15
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Jason D.



  1. Con Funk Shun – Lady’s Wild
  2. Finesse – Feel It
  3. One Way – Let’s Talk
  4. Alvin Fields – Lucky Number Seven
  5. Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor
  6. Peaches & Herb – Freeway
  7. Dazz Band – Let The Music Play
  8. Keith Barrow – Turn Me Up
  9. Klique – I Can’t Shake This Feeling
  10. Khemistry – Who’s Feeling Who
  11. Evelyn Champagne King – Out Of Control
  12. Lemelle – You Got Something Special
  13. The Mary Jane Girls – Break It Up
  14. Futura – Feelin’ Hot
  15. Second Image – Can’t Keep Holding On
  16. Hi Tension – Who’s Stickin’ It
  17. Harvey Mason – Groovin’ You
  18. Keni Burke – You’re The Best
  19. Scarbrough – Make Love To You
  20. Gordon’s War – The Rock Is Gonna Get You


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