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First off, I need to apologize about the tardiness of posting this episode on the actual blog. (For those that follow the radio feed or who follow me on SoundCloud and Mixcloud you already knew Episode 38 was posted and ready for a listen.) Right now I’m in the process of getting ready for a wedding, my wedding and all my available free time is being devoted to that and other sorts of life activities. It’s not that I don’t like posting music up. It’s just I really have little time for it right this moment.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of this passed week’s broadcast!

For those of you who were born 1990 on, you probably don’t know what the “UHF” dial is. Back before cable television there was a way of getting tv channels via airwaves. This mostly consisted of local area channels. In fact, that’s pretty much all there was before there was cable. (However, my memory is pretty bad at this, my family had cable even when I was very young, so there may have been a ton on network channels.) Most of these programs that came on the UHF dial were basic, low budget, and wonderfully not influenced by major corporations. The programs could be about anything really but it mostly was geared to your local area.

So where am I going with all this? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I was digging around in the back alley’s of the internet trying to dig up some old funk and soul albums that I’ve never heard before. I ran across a forum post that had the phrase “The Chicago Party TV Show” in it. I scratched my head and googled that phrase. I hit gold!

Back in 1982, Chicago’s WCIU Channel 26 had a local access show called, “The Chicago Party.”  This whole show can be summed up by watching these five minutes. Trust me… Totally worth your time.

This was like a local Chicago version of “Soul Train” that featured leg competitions, and men’s chest competitions. I couldn’t believe I was seeing commercials for the “Copherbox” nightclub followed by another commercial for the “Screamin’ Wheels Roller Rink” million dollar disco! This was just pure gold on YouTube! Anyway, so I dug around some more and began finding tracks that were recorded from the show. I then took some of those tracks and put a few of them on the show. The rest of it is Episode 38, UHF Party! Hope you all dig it!


Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 38 – UHF Party
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 03-12-15
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Jason D.



  1. Morlack – The Dude
  2. Bart Gori – Cream De Coco
  3. Soulsoup – Jones
  4. DBBE – Regiment (Midnight Surfer Extended Edit)
  5. Bart Gori – Body To Body Boogie
  6. Kiu D – Discotheque
  7. Alien Disco Sugar – T-Train (Midnight Ticket Mix)
  8. South Beach Recycling – He’s Alright
  9. KS French – Supa Lady
  10. The Funk District – I’m Gonna Get You Baby
  11. Buzz Compass – Dance
  12. Frankie S. – Triple Dutch Bus
  13. Lord Funk – Disco Beach
  14. Mos S. – We Just (Midnight Surfer Extended Edit)
  15. Phil Disco – Studio 54 (Pt. 2c)
  16. Jesus Wayne – The Chicago Party Theme
  17. Doug Willis – Doug Ya Wanna Boogie?
  18. Gerald M. – Lay It Down On Me
  19. Donnell Pitman – Love Explosion
  20. Sino Goccio – Dancer


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