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Captain’s Log, Stardate: 92318.79

Wow! Twenty episodes in and I’m still going strong! You know I look back on all the episodes so far, and you know what? I’ve dropped over 400 different tracks in less than half a year. Never once playing the same song twice. Corporate radio doesn’t play 400 different tracks a year let alone never playing the same song more than once. The Fix.FM is really where the future of radio is at. Anyway, I decided to switch things up a bit for the evening. Every once in a while it’s good to try something new. I decided to let iTunes randomly select tracks for me to throw into ScratchLive. I don’t know what happened but in the middle of the third song, my hard drive just decided the best course of action was to unmount itself. (I still have no idea why this happened. All the hardware scans after the show came out okay and it hasn’t happened again.) So, if you hear what sounds like some clever editing, then you are hearing where the archive file was modified by the station engineer. If you don’t hear it, then all good!

Big shout out to the I Am Love band stopping through from their east coast tour to play our “Fix Presents” event. Make sure you check them out on their ReverbNation page. They were really good and were all really cool dudes to hang out with.

Another shout out to Charleston favorite Livy Conner for gracing the event with her wonderful music and vocals. (She sounds like my mother when she sings.) Their drummer was really good and he even dug the tunes I was spinning. I didn’t get a chance to catch the banjo player’s name but he was damn good too.



Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 20 – Grab Bag
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 09-18-14
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Kilian Eng


  1. Van McCoy Tyner – Roll With The Peacher
  2. Keke Band – Jungle Musics
  3. Belabouche – Kuti
  4. John Milk – The Fool (John Milk Disco Reggae Mix)
  5. Tommy Timmis – You’re A Song
  6. Get Down Edits – High Hopes (Daz Rework
  7. Get Down Edits – If You Want Me To Stay (Daz Bootleggin It)
  8. Deadly Sins – Set Me Free
  9. LTJ – Black Machine
  10. Martin Hayes – Mesmerized
  11. KS French – Take Your Love
  12. JKriv & The Disco Machine – Ready To Work
  13. Marcus Took – Power To Change (V Occupy Edit)
  14. Joshua Heath – Nightlife Time (Dave’s Disco Dub Mix)
  15. KID – Come And Get It (Rayko Mighty Dragon Soul Edit)
  16. The Legendary 1979 Orchestra – We Need A (Rough Edit)
  17. Faze Action – Hypnotic
  18. Magnetic Soul – Head Over
  19. Chic – Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
  20. Mastercue – Gimme Your Love
  21. JaneFondas – Too Late


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