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In another surprise moment this morning, my quick edit of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” has gone over the 1000 play mark on SoundCloud. This makes me happy for a couple of reasons. First, people are actually seeking out my original cuts/edits/music. Second, in a world dominated by extended mixes, re-edits, and crazy off the wall remixes, there are folks that still want to move in and out of tracks as quick as possible. Probably the most important thing is that there are people out there who still appreciate what real rap was! This is encouraging to me! If people really dig this, (which it really seems like they do.) then I’ll probably start dropping more of these types of tracks in the future. Anyway, for now, take a listen to what others are listening to or download it and use it in your sets.


A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Cool Hand Qwik Cut)

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