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I just realized that I haven’t reviewed any female artists of the 80’s on this site! How could I possibly leave out any of the contributions that these amazing women have given the world? (Maybe I’m just too busy and I’m not making enough money on this blog site to quit[…]

What Is The Paradise Garage? from gogoPatience c+p on Vimeo. This video is just amazing! The Paradise Garage was around before I was born so there was no way possible I could have experienced it first hand. I would love to have. I hear stories like the ones in the video[…]

It’s hard to start off my first (I’m sure of many more to follow) posts about George Duke. I had to take into account his whole music career that spanned nearly five decades, his almost ninety releases, (over 40 were full length albums), countless appearances with other artists, and that there[…]

My mom is a pretty cool person! She has given birth to the coolest person in my life, me. She also has this uncanny ability to still remember all the stupid, little things that I love. One of those things that I’m a sucker for is the decade of the 80’s.[…]