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The 80’s was a very experimental time in music. New technologies were being used. Synths were coming more and more common. The Talk Box wasn’t widely used in the world. However, Roger Troutman took it to a whole new level. For those of you who are new to digging, funk music, or[…]

There isn’t too many old disco records out that have a gaggle of remixes and re-edits doing what they can to breathe life back into them. Jimmy Ross’s 1981 debut album “First True Love Affair” is one of those albums. There are two tracks that are definitely getting the works right now[…]

I’m finally done moving into my new house!!! I’m so relieved. Anyway, it’s rare when a song gets stuck in my head for a long period of time. I mean there is music constantly playing in my head, but being a DJ, I tend to do imaginary mixes and cuts in[…]