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Another floor filler from the Salsoul stable! If I were to compare this track with all of Aurra’s other tracks, I’d say this one ranks as the top, if not close to the top of best tracks that they ever came up with. The back and forth between Curt Jones and[…]

A good friend of mine, KJ Kearney is celebrating his incorporation of his non-profit by holding a fundraiser at Sneaker in downtown Charleston this weekend. If you are unfamiliar with H1GER LEARNING, it’s something that you really should get on board with. Where a lot of non-profits hold these over the[…]

You can never go wrong with anything from Salsoul Records. How High is a straight floor filling disco burner! The vocals and sax just really blow this track apart. I’m not actually sure who the vocals are on this track but one theory suggests that it’s Jocelyn Brown. If you know[…]

A Paradise Garage staple! This song sounds completely different at the break. But you really should listen to the whole thing. If you’ve listened to the Adventures of Commander Cool Hand, you would have heard the Linosaur rework of this on Episode 3 – Jump to Jupiter.   Label: Biljuma Records ‎–[…]

I know this is old and you’ve probably seen this about 1000 times, but I’m fascinated always by this commercial. *BONUS* On a side note, this guy actually has a music video. It’s actually pretty decent by today’s standards.

If you missed the Ustream of the first Lab Session Event at the College of Charleston’s John Rivers Communications Museum, you missed out on a great event! (Think of it as a Boiler Room Session just in a kick ass museum filled with old turntables, reel to reels, projection equipment, old[…]