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I know the day has just started, but I think we have an internet winner for today. There was a time in the 80’s where commercials were these epic, over produced, and story line scripted 1 minute plus movies! Yes, commercials of today don’t hold up against those commercials of old.[…]

  Black Dave has once again brought us some rap from Charleston’s underground rap movement. This slow moving jam brings back his style from the Owl Eyes Mixtape. The first thing that you will hear is an almost chopped and screwed beat containing samples from Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love.”[…]

When you think of the 1970’s what do you think about? Superfly? Shaft? Saturday Night Fever? Over the top cheesy commercial disco? Studio 54? Anyway, I can go on and on with 70’s inspired guesses and we could be at this all day. But both you and I don’t want that.[…]

Here’s a release to start your Labor Day off on the good foot! ISM Records is dropping Robot 84’s debut release on 9-1-14. This release features some deep disco vibes sure to get your late summer nights steamy and sweaty. Just playing the headlining track “Lookin 4 Luv” synthetic 80’s style[…]

  You all know what happens on this site when Australian editor, Dr. Packer puts out a new rework of a track? Yep, instantly gets a post! Here’s the thing, Dr. Packer and a few others are straight killing the re-edit scene right now. And when you’re killing it, you deserve[…]

  Definitely not the rarest album in my collection, but it definitely is one of the more fun ones to listen to. When you combine reggae and disco, whirl it into a blender, you get this magical concoction known as Denroy Morgan’s 1981 release “I’ll Do Anything For You.” This album[…]

Just when you thought the internet was getting played out and boring! Mylo the Cat brings the world something I think all Beastie Boy fans and the Beastie Boys could appreciate. (RIP MCA!) This video (I hope there is more to come!) takes the muppets the insane Swedish Chef, the crazed drummer[…]

This obscure album from the Netherlands made it back into my rotation only a couple of weeks ago. The reason that it came back was because of a re-edit that Mr. Absolutt did of the groups monster jam, “Precious Little Diamond.” I truly believe this band was before their time, and[…]