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I just ran across this a few moments ago! Turns out Jeff Lewis of Holy City Sports Talk started a project to that’s aimed to raise money for Brad Cooper’s family. Jeff created wristbands that point to a pretty fitting Bible verse that I would say sums up Brad’s mentality[…]

In a surprise move, the Universal Zulu Nation sent a letter addressed to Lee O’Denat the founder of claiming that the site is not a representation of Hip Hop Culture by displaying violent videos or exploitative videos on the site. The letter does specifically mentions that Hip Hop has always[…]

Good friend and long time DJ, DJ Forge, is giving other DJs a chance to say what they really feel in this fashion statement. And he’s even nice enough to pay for the shipping. Pre-orders are going on right now. Get your shirt on Nerdy DJ. Early Access For Loyal Readers:[…]