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The good folks at Cultures of Soul have been digging! Recently they released a compilation of Caribbean disco and funk that is chock full of grooves that provide the perfect soundtrack that will compliment any summer day. The unearthed gems in this compilation are sure to get the dance floor simmering![…]

It looks like the infamous duo is back at it again! However, with a different turn. It seems that team of Method Man and Redman are taking a different route of that closely resembles something that came out of the Jungle Brothers playbook. (see Jungle Brothers – “I’ll House You) The track[…]

It’s always great when Late Night Tuff Guy gives out one of his reworks. For those of you that haven’t been listening to “The Adventures of Commander Cool Hand,” or to my “Bedroom Sessions“ mixes you probably don’t understand how often his reworks get put in rotation. So when the Australian rework[…]

Looks like Jazzy Jeff tears Jeremy Ellis apart in this video using sound effects from Super Mario Bros! I don’t want to turn this into a “turntable vs. controller” argument. But Jazzy Jeff sounds “WAAAAAAAAAAAY” better. There’s no denying it! Coolest thing is, this isn’t even Jazzy’s best work.