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Another fine edit from Dr. Packer! Cool thing is, he’s got it free for download on his SoundCloud page. Classic Tune from 1985 which was a cover version of the Fatback Bands ‘Wicky Wacky‘ & Fred Wesley’s ‘House Party’ mashed up , i play this vinyl out in my old school[…]

Cinefix sometimes just does it right! I was unaware of this but Cinefix has started doing short videos of 8-bit versions of some favorite films. To give you a small taste, the films include Donnie Darko, Forrest Gump, The Hobbit, Fight Club, Anchorman, and Clockwork Orange. Yesterday they released a video[…]

Big ups to PartyDad on hitting me up telling me to listen to this mixtape! When Poolside posted this up on SoundCloud, it somehow got buried quickly in my stream and I missed it. This mixtape will definitely be in heavy rotation in my Honda Fit this summer. It clocks in[…]

I’ve never been a fan of Jimmy Fallon. (Even when he was on the cast of Saturday Night Live.) However, when I find something funny. It’s funny regardless who does it. Jimmy Fallon and his crew have done another awesome video edit of Brian Williams. This time, he’s flowing to Sir[…]

When you hear “Charleston, South Carolina” what images pop into your head? Tourists, crappy drivers, beaches, douchebags getting kneed by Jim Cantore, a gaggle of douchbags on TV? Who knows? Probably the last thought on your mind was “underground rap scene.” Believe it or not, Charleston does have one. It’s definitely not[…]